YVANTO offers the following solutions designed to help customers:
We provide solution for online fraud prevention, detection and protection. It significantly reduces fraud related losses and administrative costs while increasing the accuracy and efficiency of online fraud prevention activities.
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Some merchants require further assistance, YVANTO provides on-site assistance for fraud prevention department management and oversight, additional rules analysis, system modifications and other enhancements.
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Seeking to further refine your fraud screening rules? YVANTO's professionals can assist with the development of advanced statistical models based upon your historic transactions and current fraud experiences. By monitoring suspicious activity in your business based on volume and monetary thresholds that you determine, you can detect suspicious activity more effectively.

The online fraud prevention system staff training can help your analyst improve their investigative skills; learn how to manage the features and functionality of the system more effectively.
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Secure, web-based credit card and debit card Anti Fraud solutions for online transactions. We make it easy and affordable to engage with your customers online anytime. Easily and securely accept credit card payments from your customers with the solution that's right for your business.

One way to steal money from gift cards is to copy data off unsold cards. Once the cards are bought and loaded with dollars, crooks use the data to buy goods online. Gift cards also get tied up in other types of fraud. Some thieves steal credit cards, then quickly buy up prepaid gift cards and sell them on auction Web sites for money. Yvanto Anti Fraud system can help your company minimize Card-Not-Present online fraud

Fraudsters turn to debit and credit card snatching Click here for more details
2011 UK credit Card fraud falls to its lowest level for 11 years Click here for more details

UK Online banking fraud losses totaled £39 million during the six months to June 2009, a 55% rise on the 2008 figure. There were also more than 26000 phishing incidents in the UK during January to June 2009, a 26% increase on the amount seen in the same period 2008.

USA Online Fraud IC3 Statistics:
The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), a partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), released the 2009 Annual Report about fraudulent activity on the Internet today.
Online crime complaints increased substantially once again last year, according to the report. The IC3 received a total of 336,655 complaints, a 22.3% increase from 2008. The total loss linked to online fraud was $559.7 million this is up from $265 million in 2008.
2008 Annual Report states that complaints of online crime hit a record high in 2008,
• 33.1% increase over the previous year 2007,
• About $25 million USD more than in 2007.
• The average individual loss amounted to $931.00USD,
• While the complaints consisted of a variety of fraud types:
• Payment ranked number one (32.9%),
• Followed by credit/debit card fraud (9%).

In Canada: The Canadian Bankers Association 2008 Annual Report states that credit cards fraud hit a record high in 2008,
According to American Express Canada, MasterCard canada and Visa Canada Fraudulent e-commnerce, telephone and mail purchases total losses $128,362,477.00 CAD.
• The average individual loss amounted to $610CAD
• The number of Accounts 210,430

In France, the fraud on credit cards has increased in 2009, especially when shopping on the Internet, according to the annual report of the Observatory security of credit cards, published Tuesday, July 13 2010. The fraud rate for 2009 is 0.072% of transactions, representing 342 million €, said Christian Noyer, governor of the Bank of France and President of the Observatory. In 2008, the rate was 0.069% and fraud accounted for 320 million €.
2009 there were 8 billion card transactions, and 90 million cards in circulation. Especially in the payment credit card at a distance, Internet, fraud is important, with a rate of 0.263% for a total of 82 million € in 2009 (67 million € in 2008). While credit card payments on the Internet represent only 7% of domestic transactions, they now account for 57% of the amount of fraud. In other cases, or 98% of cases, fraud is borne either by the bank or the merchant.