The online fraud prevention system significantly reduces fraud-related losses, administrative costs while increasing the accuracy and efficiency of online fraud prevention activities. The system helped e-Commerce companies stop more than 3.5 million fraudulent activities in 2008.
Working together to prevent online fraud, Online criminals are working together to defraud your business, so why not start working with us to fight back! By becoming a customer of ours you can expand your knowledge exponentially. With a current database of over 200 million device reputations and over 2.5 billion devices profiled annually, the system can help you dramatically reduce fraud loss, improve operational efficiency, and increase revenues.
Understanding relationships between accounts and specific PCs, MAC, iPhone or laptops allows networks to connect bad accounts that might otherwise appear unrelated. Once the PCs, MAC, iPhone or laptops used by bad accounts are identified network access can be denied at that level.

Get Anti-Fraud Risk Scores: The Risk Module system is the only risk system that leverages a comprehensive device reputation database to deliver a risk score that is unique in the market. It is based on a combination of the vast experience and data within the global fraud database, plus the identification of characteristics of devices that repeatedly demonstrate a high-risk environment.
Stop Application Fraud at the Source: Online credit applicants using fake or stolen identities can be stopped. Instead of verifying identity information, consider verifying the reputation of the Internet-enabled device being used to submit the application. Don't spend time, resources, and money checking identity-based information if you know the device has a fraud history. Device fingerprinting coupled with the device's reputation helps identify the bad guys in the acquisition channel.
Stop unwanted abuse: The system can help you protecting the online dating communities from unwanted abuse and potential online scams.
Combat Financial Fraud in Online Gaming: The system can stop scams such as credit card abuse and chargebacks that impact online gaming providers' business profits and growth (Casino, Poker, Bingo, Backgammon, Sportsbook, Racebook, online forex trading).
The system allows online retailers to determine in seconds whether a transaction is coming from a computer or an iPhone that has been associated with fraudulent or abusive behavior in the past. The service is built on shared fraud network, which manages over 200 million device reputations worldwide. Businesses using this real-time service can immediately act on this information to prevent all forms of online fraud. The software as a service does not impact the end-user experience or require any personally identifiable information, which protects the identity and privacy of consumers.

"A successful fraud prevention solution must increase detection rates while minimizing false-positives. It should integrate value-added services for authentication; provide fraud alerts that are transparent and prioritized, and provide the flexibility needed to keep up with criminals' evolving schemes. Empowering end-users to manage their own fraud prevention efforts is key."
--Avivah Litan