The online fraud prevention system staff training can help your analyst improve their investigative skills; learn how to manage the features and functionality of the system more effectively.

Professional consulting services are an integral part of the Training on Fraud program Services include:

Business Consulting Services

• Understanding Fraud for eCommerce Customers;
• The Yvanto Fraud Management Solution;
• Overview of the Yvanto life cycle fraud solution.
• History of current trends of online fraud, review of privacy and Consumer Protection Act issues;
• Review the current state of managing fraud for online transactions;
• Learn about enhanced capabilities of the Yvanto anti fraud system through detailed training sessions;
• Review business process workflows, monitoring and administration procedures;
• Building of a customer fraud management profile;
• Identification of high risk services;
• Enhance understanding of administration and monitoring processes.

Technical Consulting Services

• Define Yvanto Anti-Fraud Management System (AMS) solution default settings;
• Launch a test run on the upgraded fraud solution;
• Review customer support tools;
• Define customer Fraud Admin tools.
According to Gartner, 32.7 million adult Internet users in the U.S. alone have stopped or will not start online banking due to security concerns. Credit card fraud is significantly damaging to the ecommerce sector as a whole - the success of the online economy is highly dependent on the public's perception of the security of their interactions.

In late 2002, the Gartner Group and Harris Interactive released the results of a survey showing that 7% of online adult customers had already reported being victims of credit card fraud by October of 2002.

Police nab six in UK online banking fraud sting:
Six people have been arrested for allegedly running a phishing operation that netted at least £358,000 (US$569,000) and compromised more than 20,000 bank accounts and credit cards, the Metropolitan Police in London said today August 4, 2010 . Click here for more details.

Microsoft, eBay, Citizens Bank launch online fraud alert service designed to allow them to better share information about compromised accounts with each other in an effort to better fight online fraud. Click here for more details.

Four men have been indicted for $25M online ticket fraud scheme: All four men worked for Wiseguy Ticket Inc. and allegedly targeted online ticket sellers like Ticketmaster,, and MusicToday. Click here for more details.