We provide online fraud detection, prevention and protection solutions. The online fraud prevention system significantly reduces fraud-related losses, administrative costs while increasing the accuracy and efficiency of online fraud prevention activities.
The system help e-Commerce companies stop nearly 30,000 online fraudulent activities per day, and perform nearly 4 Million verification per day.

Ordering products online has proven to be much safer than originally anticipated, but not for the merchant! Fraudulent orders can end up costing your business much more than you think. In fact, you could be in extreme danger of identity theft, credit card fraud, invasion of your personal privacy, and more. To successfully sell online globally, companies need to develop their Web sites, software interfaces and credit card processing secure transactions in multi-currency.

Fraud issues affect every system and every business process involved in delivering your product to the world.
If you don't plan on accepting credit cards then you don't have to worry about a merchant account. On the other hand, some statistics say that you will be turning away 80 percent of your sales by not accepting credit cards. It really comes down to what you're selling and how you're delivering it. If you're selling products directly online then you probably need to go the merchant account route, the system can help you protecting youself.